Stats Help Desk

The CSSR Statistics Help Desk is available to all Notre Dame undergraduate and graduate students seeking technical and methodological research assistance. Our statistical consultants provide support and guidance on the statistical application of projects from the social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering. We retain expertise in statistical software such as R, Stata, and SPSS, as well as working knowledge of other languages in programs including Python, Java, and SAS.

In addition to providing assistance with navigating statistical software, CSSR Help Desk consultants are available to aid in the research design, program evaluation, causal inference, sampling and data collection, modeling, data visualization, and interpretation of statistical results.

Statistical consultations are typically scheduled for one hour and are available on a recurring basis. Please fill out our service form to initiate a request for consultation or email The CSSR is currently working remotely, but we are able to consult via Zoom.