Jaroslaw Nabrzyski

Interim CSSR Director

Office: 806 Flanner Hall/1020 Jenkins Nanovic Halls
Phone: 574.631.2400

Jarek Nabrzyski is the Director of the Center for Research Computing (CRC), and oversees the CSSR. He is also a Concurrent Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering. Jarek has a history of working in the higher education industry and is skilled in research computing, complex collaborations, science team building, management, and strategic planning.

Mbudhathoki 1

Milan Budhathoki

GIS Specialist

Office: 1020G Jenkins Nanovic Halls  
Phone: 574.631.1150

Milan Budhathoki brings geospatial skills to the Notre Dame community in research, consulting, and teaching. He is specialized in GIS analysis, spatial data management, web GIS and server applications, and remotely sensed data processing. Prior to joining Notre Dame, he worked for local and state government and in academic research in Massachusetts. He implemented a number of innovative GIS projects for the town of Brookline, including an interactive map gallery to showcase the town’s geo-physical and demographic information and also provided GIS training to the town’s staff to support better decision-making in citizen services.


Hongyu Guo

Graduate Statistical Consultant

Office: 1020H Jenkins Nanovic Halls  
Phone: 574.631.6853

Hongyu Guo is a third year Ph.D. student in the Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics under the supervision of Prof. Jun Li. Before attending the University of Notre Dame, he acquired a B.A in statistics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and an M.S in statistics from the George Washington University. Hongyu’s research interests include the application of deep learning methods on scRNA-seq data and the development of methods for analyzing high-dimensional noisy data. He is proficient in data analysis with SAS, R, and Python.

Liu Web

Cheng Liu, Ph.D.

Data Scientist

Office: 1020J Jenkins Nanovic Halls
Phone: 574.631.1168

Dr. Cheng Liu is a Data Scientist for the Center for Social Science Research and a concurrent Research Assistant Professor in Department of Psychology.  Before joining the CSSR, Dr. Liu was a Computational Scientist in the Center for Research Computing for several years. His research interests include computational modeling and data mining approaches to large-scale educational assessment data, as well as the infrastructure development of online learning and assessment systems. Dr. Liu provides statistical consultation to support social science research with modern information technology. He also seeks opportunities to collaborate on grant proposals.

Mbarron Web

Chuanqi Wang

Graduate Statistical Consultant

Office: 1020H Jenkins Nanovic Halls
Phone: 574.631.6853

Chuanqi Wang is a PhD candidate in the Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics working with Prof. Jun Li. She graduated from Renmin University of China with a B.A. in Mathematics in 2016. Her research interests include machine learning methods for single-cell RNA-Sequencing data and the development of deep learning network for high dimensional sequencing data.

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Yang Xu

Data Science Consultant

Office: 1020F Jenkins Nanovic Halls
Phone: 574.631.3696

Yang Xu is a Data Science Consultant for the Center for Social Science Research. In 2017, he earned a master's degree in Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Notre Dame. Before coming to Notre Dame, he worked as a civilian nuclear power engineer. In his current role, he develops Bayesian models and performs data analysis embedded with machine learning algorithms. His research interests include convolution and recurrent neural networks.

Jyoung Web

Jessica Young

Data Science Consultant

Office: 1020I Jenkins Nanovic Halls
Phone: 574.631.8025

Jessica Young is a Data Science Consultant for the Center for Social Science Research. She graduated summa cum laude as a Commonwealth Honors Scholar from Westfield State University in 2014 with a B.A. in Mathematics and a B.A. in Economics. In 2017 she completed her master's thesis entitled "Predicting Cholera Positive Cases in Haiti," graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology with her M.S. in Applied Statistics. She frequently uses R and focuses on utilizing machine learning methods to solve problems.