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This session will introduce the R environment and programming language.  The goal is to impart an understanding of R that will allow attendees to get quickly started on their own regardless of background, and present a glimpse into the vast array of ways in which to use R and RStudio to further one's research.  It does not assume any specific programming experience.

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Advanced Qualtrics

Learn how to use the Qualtrics REST API for integrating Qualtrics with R/RStudio. We will cover everything from finding your token to programming and uploading a survey to downloading your data. There is no trouble if you do not use R; you might still be able to apply the principles to a program of your choice.…

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Literate Programming

This module is an introduction to Literate Programming (LP for short) with an emphasis on statistical programming using R and LaTex. Statistical analysis often consists of a text file (e.g., an .R file) containing program code with scattered comments describing the various parts of the code. In LP the emphasis is reversed: instead of writing code containing documentation, 

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