The Center for Social Science Research (CSSR) is dedicated to improving the quality and efficiency of social science research at the University of Notre Dame by working with faculty, students, and staff across all academic disciplines. The CSSR's highly trained team offers expertise in research design, data collection, modeling and analysis, geospatial (GIS) analysis, and visualization. The CSSR also offers a help desk available to anyone at Notre Dame needing quick assistance with statistics.

Researcher to improve assessment testing for high school students

Psychologist Ying Alison Cheng is leading a $1.4M project to develop an intelligent diagnostic assessment program to improve testing for high school statistics. Cheng is working with the CSSR so the tool can deliver fine-grain feedback.

Using CSSR Services

The CSSR's expert staff can assist with a variety of services for hire. Researchers are encouraged to contact us for a consultation to discuss specific needs. Our team is committed to offering prompt, effective, and professional service!

Predicting Cholera Positive Cases in Haiti

Research by CSSR Data Science Consultant, Jessica Young, focuses on predicting if certain behaviors and living situations can be used as indicators for determining cholera within Haiti.